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Juliette started her career as a lawyer. Now, besides being a photographer, she still practices the law and analyses rights and rules with absolute accuracy.

The other end of her spectrum is filled with seemingly endless emotions, events and impressions in her own passionate life. In photography she discovered the perfect way to give expression and meaning to what is surrounding us, embracing the world of images that had always fascinated her.

Juliette is working as head of Legal and PR for a renowned architectural bureau, works as a lawyer for artists (Suitable Law) and is a photographer under the brand name Suitable Images. She makes photos for companies (publishers, advertising agencies, fashion companies and architects) and private clients. Her pictures have been published in newspapers and magazines and have appeared on book covers. Amongst her portraits are pictures of various famous individuals.

As a street photographer she keeps a low profile, making photographs of images fitting the themes in her head. Emotion, aesthetics and the physical appearance of timelessness are her crucial components. Striving to catch that rim of light, that glimpse of someone’s life.

Currently she is focussing on the production of mixed black and white pictures, a magnificent possibility to add some magic.